Ask About Laser Cataract Surgery

Of our five senses, vision is often cited as the most valuable. When that vision becomes blurred as a result of cataracts, there are several safe and effective options, including laser cataract surgery.

Although noninvasive, laser cataract surgery is a highly delicate procedure because it requires an incision to be made into the cornea to remove the cataract, the hardened protein matter that accumulates as we age. The exact placement and shape of the incision by the surgeon are critical to removing the cataract before it can be replaced with a lens implant.

Having performed thousands of cataract procedures on patients for years, Dr. Pilkinton feels the laser is a promising technique because it allows a high level of precision and customization necessary for such a sensitive procedure. Using the best available equipment on his patients, he knows how to combine the best of surgical skills, technology and expertise for the best patient results.

Make no mistake. When it comes to laser cataract surgery, precision and experience are key to optimal and lasting results.


Dr. Pilkinton has helped thousands of patients see life better. Why put off having clearer, sharper vision?